Art quilt with mixed media embellishment of cholla cactus, scallop shell, and coral. with metallic hand stitching.

Art quilt show featuring quilt art from Tj Wright opening May 14, 2023.

Art quilt show featuring quilt art from Tj Wright opening May 14, 2023.

If you are a fan of textile art quilts, make sure to visit Bennett Vineyard & Wine Co for the latest show that is opening May 14, 2023. This art quilt show will feature new work that was inspired by nature. Each piece features stunning, one-of-a-kind collage style art quilts and collected items. This unique display showcases a variety of techniques and designs, all created with patchwork, appliquéd fabric and freehand stitching, and inspiration drawn from nature. The art quilt style on display are intricate pieces of art, using a combination of colors, patterns, and textures to convey a message of quiet calm. Each piece is individual, showcasing the unique nature of my work and techniques. Hope to have the opportunity to meet you.

Framed art quilt with soft shades of green in the background with embellishments of scallop shell, coral and dried cholla cactus.

What inspired this art quilt collection?

 This art quilt collection was inspired by the beauty and diversity of nature. The idea was to create a series of art quilts that would capture the essence of different natural landscapes and elements, including forests, beaches, mountains, waterfalls and more. Each quilt in the collection is a unique representation of a specific natural scene, with an intricate and detailed design that reflects the colors, textures, and patterns found in nature. The inspiration for this project came from a love of the outdoors and an appreciation of the way nature can provide a sense of peace and tranquility. I wanted to use my quilting skills to capture these natural wonders and create a collection of creative art that people could enjoy in their homes or offices.

Framed art quilt in shade of deep royal blue, embellished with a finger star fish, dried cholla cactus with hand stitching.

Versatility of art quilts and hand embroidery in interior decor.

 Often overlooked as a decorative and versatile interior decor option, art quilts offer unique designs and add a layer and depth to spaces that are not achievable with fine art medium or prints. Art quilts have multiple purposes such as wall hangings and framed as art. Their range of colors and designs can enhance specific themes or color schemes in a room, making them an ideal accent piece. They can transform a dull room into a contemporary and inviting space. In addition, art quilts can also create a focal point in a room, drawing attention to specific areas, such as an entry way or a fireplace. Overall, art quilts offer endless possibilities when it comes to interior decor, adding warmth, personality, and visual interest to any space.

You will see in this show that I am exploring the use of handmade fabric art in combination with improvisational embellishment. All the foundations vary for these pieces and are a composition of multiple layers of fabric and quilt stitching, just like a painting has a background. I then start adding a variety of media like wood, rocks, and shells, using hand embroidery to secure in place. The added texture that artistic hand sewing gives these pieces helps to highlight the feeling of how we all celebrate our appreciation of nature.

Framed art quilt in shades of sand, black and adobe. Embellished with dried cholla cactus, oyster shell and amber colored agate. Stitched with metallic thread.

Nature and inspiration supply the color palette.

The vibrant and versatile color of agates was one of my favorite color palettes and the organic shapes of the stones helped to bring this collection together. I chose stones that were flat enough to be attached to the background and still be framed beneath glass. This group of framed art quilts has a contemporary Asian art feel. The challenge was to take these pieces to the next level using restraint and keep the pieces minimal in design with less is more in mind.

I also created a group of framed abstract art quilts that have a beach theme to them. Inspired by the sight and sound of waves crashing on a beach I wanted to make a group of pieces with the expression of the fragility and the power of the sea. What is so amazing is how fragile a seashell appears and yet it sometimes will withstand the power of the sea and reveals a masterpiece of creativity and beauty.

Stop by and have a look around.

With beautiful days ahead take a drive to the lush Cheshire Valley of Oregon and experience beautifully made Pinots and browsing the art featured in the tasting room at Bennett Vineyard & Wine Co.

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