Modern art quilt patterns

Modern art quilt patterns designed for the home with color and texture. For the latest BLOG post.

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Mini Art Quilt Tutorial

  • Modern quilt patterns for all levels of quilters.

    About Quilt Pattern Testing

    Quilt pattern testing is a fun way to challenge your quilting skills and try new patterns. I like the experience to be a collaboration, between myself and the tester. It is a way to work out the kinks before the pattern is published. If you are a quilter who enjoys collaboration and will follow the pattern as written which is vital to a successful launch, I would love to work with you. In return you will receive a swag bag of quilting notions, fabric and the final published pattern. I will also post your finished quilt photos and credit you as one of my pattern testers. Click the application link below. I Look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you, TJ Wright