Top 10 Ways To Style And Photograph Your Quilt

Top 10 Ways To Style And Photograph Your Quilt

Phone And Props

Really you don't need a fancy camera, your phone will be just fine. I'm using an iPhone 13 mini. A tripod used with the photo timer on your phone can be a great way to get in the shot when you're by yourself. For props and backdrops, we will discuss these as we go. They will be different for different types of photos you take, but start thinking about:

soft fabric or hard table background
minimalist or cozy
plants or sewing supplies.
kids or pets
toys or pillows
hard wood or rugs
white, bright, or muted
books or flowers


You've probably heard that natural light is best, and I completely agree. I cringe to take a quilt photo when the sun's gone down. The best places are outside in the shade or in front of a window, out of direct sunlight. If you don't have an ideal window, foam core boards with a glossy side or windshield sun deflectors can help out. If you really don't have a good spot to shoot your photos, then a plug-in light can help. I use a Mountdog 350W Photography Light.

Mix It Up

I recommend choosing at least 3 of the following photo styles for each quilt. Or try lots of them, you might just surprise yourself. Remember to try a variety of straight on, angled shots from the side or above, some in your favorite places, and showing your background and not.

1) Close Up

Close up photograph of a quilt.


Quilt close ups are a great way to appreciate the beauty of quilting. The intricate patterns and designs, the variety of colors and materials used, and the attention to detail can all be seen when viewing quilts up close. Quilt close ups allow us to get a better understanding of how a quilt is made and appreciate all the work that goes into creating these beautiful works of art. They show us the texture of the fabric and how each individual piece has been stitched together with skill and precision. Maybe if you love how your binding turned out, you might want a close up of that.


2) Ladder

Photograph of quilt draped on a ladder.


Okay, there are 3 main ways to style your quilt on a ladder.

  • nice and straight.
  • fanned out from the top.
  • folded right over so you don't really see the ladder.


Remember to take some shots from different angles on this one.

3) Folded On a Chair

Photograph of a quilt draped on a chair.


A modern chair or a classic wooden chair, whatever chair you choose will add to your style.

4) Folded In a Stack

Photograph of a stack of folded quilts.

Oh my, there is something about a big squishy stack of quilts. It's almost like they are telling a bit of a story. Do they all belong to the photographer? . . . Are they all ready to head out, each to a new home? . . . Are there a few babies on the way? . . . Is someone all set for the holiday season? . . .

5) Hanging

Photograph of quilt hanging in a tree

My favorite is to hang my quilts with sewing clips up in my apple tree. They look great on fences too. If you're inside, you can hang the quilt on an empty wall. This is a nice time to have a little table with a plant to the side, toys on the floor, a comfy chair or couch in front, or no props too can all create a great look.

6) On a Bed

Photograph of a quilt on a bed.

This is where I used to think all quilts ended up when I was little. I couldn't have been more wrong!

You can do a shot from far away seeing how it looks in the room, or some nice close ups. This is where the portrait setting can be quite nice if our phone has that feature, where the foreground is in focus the further parts are a bit blurred.

7) On The Floor

Photograph of quilt on the floor.

Yep, it's that easy, lay it out on the floor, tug the edges to make it nice and smooth, and flip over a corner if you'd like. or toss it up in the air and see how it lands. This is where you can have some fun adding some props, kids or pets, books or toys, etc. Go ahead and stand on a chair for a neat overhead shot.

8) Holding Up

Photograph of hands holding up a quilt.

Yep, you know it's probably the easiest and most portable. Grab a helper and head out to a nice spot. I always love when I see little hands holding up a quilt and wondering if it's a friend, kid, significant other, or innocent bystander, ha-ha. I love it too when the quilt maker shows their face when holding the quilt too.

9) On The Couch

Photograph of a quilt draped on a couch.

Yes, drape it over the arm or the back, creating a cozy invitation. Close ups or being further away will both look wonderful here.

10) In Your Sewing Machine

Photograph of a quilt with a sewing machine.

Nothing like showing how the quilt was made with love! People love to see the process and it can be a delightful photo to see it the second it was completed with the maker in view.

You've Got This

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