The Sprout Quilt Challenge

Unleash Your Imagination with Curved Filler Quilt Blocks in The Sprout Quilt Challenge!

Do you find yourself with a pile of scrap fabric left over from your previous quilt blocks?

Instead of letting those beautiful remnants go to waste, why not turn them into something stunning and unique? By embracing the challenge of creating curved filler quilt blocks using these scraps, you can unlock a world of creativity and innovation in your Sprout Quilt Challenge. The curved filler quilt block pattern is available to download HERE

Scrape fabric from Allison Glass.

Imagine the satisfaction of piecing together an intricate design using scraps that would have otherwise been discarded. The beauty of curved quilt blocks lies in their ability to transform seemingly random pieces of fabric into a cohesive and visually striking pattern. With a little imagination and some strategic cutting and sewing, you can breathe new life into your leftover fabric, while also adding an unexpected twist to your quilting skills. The fabric collection shown here is from Allison Glass call Chrysanthemum.

Curved filler blocks for the Sprout Quilt Challenge


Join us as we explore the artistry and resourcefulness involved in using up those scrapes from your previous quilt blocks to create truly captivating, curved quilt blocks! Check out the full tutorial on how to create these blocks using scrapes. 

Finished curved filler blocks for the Sprout Quilt Challenge

Curved Filler Blocks Week 5 of The Sprout Quilt Challenge

Definitely a piecing option to use in future quilt projects when you want to add something interesting or are running low on fabric for a quilt project. Can't wait to see how you are able to use your scrapes in these filler blocks.

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